• Large emphasis is put on the abstracts and its contents as it is the bases for the decision to accept or decline the paper/ presentation.
  • Abstract length is approximately 500 words
  • Abstracts/ Papers can be submitted through the IAMOT web site www.iamot.com, through the conference website www.iamot2016.org (under construction) or directly through https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=iamot2016
  • Maximum of two papers are allowed per a primary author.
  • In submitting the abstract, the author needs to specify that the abstract is submitted for consideration to the IAMOT2016 as either:
    1- Paper and presentation, for which the author will be attending the conference and make a presentation. will make a presentation, the abstract will appear in the Book of Abstracts (BOA), and the accepted paper(s) will be published in the proceedings, or
    2- Presentation only, for which the author will be attending the conference and make a presentation. The abstract will appear in the Book Of Abstracts (BOA)
  • Criteria for judging the abstract and its suitability to the conference include:
    1- Proper English
    2. Relevance of the abstract topic to MOT and/or the conference theme (value of the paper to the conference attendees)
    3. Abstract structure
    4. Contribution to the MOT field
    5. Research/ Application Methodology 6. Findings/ results/ outcome


Title: The title should be short (6 to 8 words or less), however, reflective to the paper contents and objectives. Titles need not be too descriptive nor be very specific.

Introduction: One paragraph introducing the topic and highlighting its importance. The introduction may summarize the previous research or related experience (Literature search). The introduction should end with a clear statement of the objective of the paper/ presentation. A statement such as “In this paper/ presentation we introduce a model for …..”, or “In this paper/ presentation we report on our experience in …”, ..etc.

Methodology: One paragraph describing the approach/ methodology/ analysis used to achieve the paper objectives. This may include, model, analysis, survey, experience, interviews, ..etc.

Findings/ Results/ Outcome: One paragraph summarizing the findings resulting from applying the methodology or the analysis. Statements such as “We achieve xx% reduction in ….” is suitable

Conclusion: One paragraph/ statement stating the contribution and benefits of the paper (presentation) to the field and/or the conference attendees. Recommended actions, extensions, expansions of the study, ..etc. may be included in this paragraph.

* In the abstract, you should not include the headers “Title”, “Introduction”, ..etc.

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