IAMOT 2016 - Technology – Future thinking

IAMOT 2016
15-19 May 2016
25th Annual IAMOT Conference

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Pravir Malik, Leon Pretorius and Dietmar Winzker
Leveraging a Mathematics of Innovation to Create Sustainable Complex Adaptive Systems
Li Shuncai, Yang Yanlan and Ding Xiuhao
The Influence of Enterprise Knowledge Breadth and Depth on Innovation Performance: The Moderating Effect of R&D Patterns
Jeff Daniels, Ben Amaba  and Arman Sargolzaei
Industrial Control System Applications go Mobile in the Cloud
Guenther Schuh, Simon Ryschka, Alexander Rollmann and Tim Wetterney
Analyzing the Integration of Technology Platform Strategies into the Situational Context of Diversified Companies
CI Ras, GA Oosthuizen, JFW Durr, P De Wet, MD Burger and JF Oberholzer
Social Manufacturing Bamboo Bikes for Africa
Julia Soos and Jochen E Kerschenbauer
Academic Entrepreneurship in High Technology in Austria
Marcel Schneider, Tobias Mittag and Juergen Gausemeier
Modeling Language for Value Networks
Marcelo Amaral, Gustavo Da Silva Motta, Raphael Jonathas Da Costa Lima, Mariana Costa Fagundes and Marília Medeiros Schocair
Strategic and Innovation Management in a Post-Privatized Brazilian Steel Company 
N Govender and A Telukdarie
An Assessment of the Advancement of Small to Large Civil Engineering Contractors
George Papachristos and Geerten van de Kaa
A Metaphor for Platform Development Processes
George Papachristos and Geerten van de Kaa
Platform Competition Processes: A Future Research Outlook
Efrén Romero Riano, Luis Eduardo Becerra and Gerardu Angulo Cuentas
Lessons learned of Science Parks Development in Colombia
Aleksandra Paton and Elma Van der Lingen
Choice of Technology Acquisition Modes within a Business Cycle
Jezreel Maistry and Elma Van der Lingen
A Proposed Scenario-Based, Cost-Driven Approach to Enhance Risk Prioritisation in FMEA
Luiz Antonio Bloem Da Silveira Jr, Eduardo PG De Vasconcellos, Luis Fernando A Guedes and Liliana Vasconcellos Guedes
Using Delphi as a Basis to Design a Technology Roadmap 
João Antônio Gomes Pereira and Roberto Sbragia
Creativity and Innovation Performance at the Industry Level: An Empirical Study in Brazilian Firms
Getnet Bogale Fanta, Leon Pretorius and Louwrence Erasmus
A System Dynamics Model of eHealth Acceptance: A Sociotechnical Perspective
Nolwazi Candice Sikhondze and Louwrence Erasmus
Electronic Medical Records: A Developing and Developed Country Analysis
Naude Scribante, Leon Pretorius and Siebert Benade
Elements of a System Dynamics Model for Requirements Elicitation
Adriaan Johannes van der Watt, Leon Pretorius and Marthinus Pretorius
Adoption of Health Technology in Healthcare Facilities: A Case Study
Tae-Eung Sung, Sang-Gook Kim, Seung-Pyo Jun and Hyun-Woo Park
Web-Based STAR-Value System for Technology Valuation
Nazeer Joseph, Carl Marnewick and Matthew Jan Santana
Agile Software Development and IT Project Performance in South Africa: A Positive Relationship?
Louis van Wyk and Carl Marnewick 
Applying Governance Principles to improve Agile Project Success 
Palesa Agnes Ramashala, Marthinus Pretorius and Herman Steyn
The Use of Project Portfolios in Effective Strategy Execution
JFW Durr and GA Oosthuizen
A Management Framework for Titanium Recycling: A South African Case Study
Wikus Erasmus, Nazeer Joseph and Carl Marnewick
Competencies of IT Project Managers: A South African Perspective 
Mohamed Azzam, Nezar Sami and Tarek Khalil
Utilization of Appropriate Technologies for a real “Competitive Egypt”
Marcellus Henrique Rodrigues Bastos, Cecilia Toledo Hernandez and Marcelo Amaral
A Study of the Entrepreneurial Profile of Students in the State of Rio De Janeiro
MJ Mabea and JE Amadi-Echendu 
A Case Study Investigation into Mobile Technology Acceptance, Diffusion and Penetration
BA Ekanem, EE Woherem and JE Amadi-Echendu
On Extending the Usable Life of Legacy Software 
Leo E Arhete and Louwrence Erasmus
Healthcare Service Delivery: A Literature Review
Christianah O Ijagbemi, Harold M Campbell and Khumbulani Mpofu
Technology Skills Development towards Sustainable Manufacturing in South Africa 
Vivian da Matta, Eduardo Vasconcellos, Daniela Diógenes and Edison Polo
Managerial Competencies Model for promoting Open Innovation between Companies and Universities
Marche B, Boly V and Ortt R
Observing New Product Impacts on Sectors Value Chains: The Case of a French Electronic SME
Marian Borba, Cesar Goncalves Neto and Otavio Figueiredo
Open Innovation in the Oil and Gas industry in Brazil
Xin Liu and Xiang Yu
Patent Analysis for guiding Technology Transfer from EU/EEA to China: The Case of CO2 Compressor in CCUS Cooperation
Nita Sukdeo, Andre Vermeulen and JHC Pretorius
The Correlation between TQM Constructs and Supplier Performance
Eduardo Vasconcellos, Luis Guedes,  Luciana Hashiba, Liliana V. Guedes, Henry Lopez Vega and Vivian Da Matta
Factors to help deciding when to use Open Innovation: Framework and Application
A Telukdarie
Express Deployment Toolset for Manufacturing Systems Enablement
Daniel Kiel, Christian Arnold, Matthias Collisi and Kai-Ingo Voigt
The Impact of the Industrial Internet of Things on Established Business Models
Francisco Sperotto Flores
Food Standards, Technology Transfer and Knowledge among Small and Medium Agro-Food Companies in Brazil
Angela Maria Benavides Gordillo, Antonio Cesar Amaru Maximiano and Dario Ikuo Miyake
Management Techniques in Efficiency Projects
Tobias Mittag, Marcel Schneider and Juergen Gausemeier
Business Model Based Configuration of Value Creation Networks 
Sumit Lalwani, Breno Nunes and Daniel Chicksand
Social Sustainability Initiatives in Cocoa Supply Chains in Africa: An Analysis of Sustainability Reporting of World’s Major Chocolatiers
Amolnut Kraiphanont, Breno Nunes and David Bennett
The Main Criteria of Biomass Selection for Energy Generation in Brazil
Yorgos D Marinakis, Steven T Walsh and Rainer Harms
Catalyzing New Product Adoption at the Base of the Pyramid
Ballu M, Camargo M and Morel L
Dealing with Technology Acquisition and Organizational Learning in Fast Growing SMEs
Humbulani Simon Phuluwa and John Alfred Trimble
Technology Transfer in Press Tool Industry: Effectiveness and Efficiency in the South African Context
Margaux Vincent, Laure Morel and Mauricio Camargo
Enhancing the Client Experience of an E-Commerce Site using Eye Tracking Technologies
Torben Tambo, Jonas Bargholz and Lars Yde
Evaluation of TOGAF as a Management of Technology Framework
Felipe Plana Maranzato, Mario Sergio Salerno, Leonardo Augusto de Vasconcelos Gomes, Abraham Sin Oih Yu, Paulo Tromboni de Souza Nascimento and Luciana Harumi Hashiba Horta
Evaluation of Integration Models in Intra-Firm Technology Transfer between Research and Development 
NJ Kganyago, A Marnewick and JHC Pretorius
Dynamic Capability Theory as an Input Variable for Supplier Performance Evaluation and Selection
Schuh Günther, Kabasci Patrick, Drescher Toni, Ryschka Simon and Wetterney Tim
Identifying and Evaluating Disruptive Technologies using Technology Scanning
Li Shuncai, Li Chenchen and Wang Changqiong
An Empirical Study of the Impact of High-End Talents on Enterprise  Innovation Performance in the Presence of Innovation Openness
Enjolras M, Camargo M and Schmitt C
SMEs’ Innovation and Export Capabilities: Toward a Common Conceptual Framework
Anthon P Botha
Developing Executive Future Thinking Skills
Fernando Ferreira Fernandez, Eduardo Vasconcellos, Luis Fernando Guedes, Rodrigo Carlana and Vivian da Matta
Long term R&D-Based Consortia: Paths to Integrate Basic Research with Company Strategy  
Rafael Augusto Seixas Reis de Paula, Vinícius Chagas Brasil, Felipe Plana Maranzato, Mário Sérgio Salerno and Roberto Marx
Exploration: Open Questions in Organizational Analysis, What we Know and What we do not Know
Yang Yi, Li Shuncai  and Zhao Fumin
Study on the Impact of Government Subsidies on Innovation Performance
Kuntai Tan and Zongjun Wang
Will Unified Control of the Government lead to Greater Knowledge Spillover? – Evidence from China
Tatsuya Kuroda, Shino Iwami and Ichiro Sakata
Verifying Entrepreneurship Programs in MBA's with Article Clusters
Marcela Barbosa Moraes, Edson Aparecida Araujo Querido de Oliveira and Morjane Armstrong Santos Miranda
Proposal for an Innovation Model for Brazilian Small and Medium Technology-Based Enterprises
Diego Gonzales Chevarria and Eugênio Avila Pedroso
Proposing a Structured Model of Agency in Socio-Technical Transition: The Case of Wind Energy in Brazil
Mai Gamal El-Katatny and Mohamed Mamdouh Awny
Universities' Third Mission Activities: Case Study from Egypt 
Marcela Barbosa Moraes, Edson Aparecida Araujo Querido de Oliveira, Antonio Lobosco and Victória Balady Reis Souza
Regional Innovation System of Brazilian Aeronautical Industry
Clasen Gabriela, Avila Ariane, Alves André and Zawislak Paulo
Technology Transfer and Capacity Building in the Brazilian Shipbuilding and Offshore Industry 
Tony Tung, Shuang Shii Chuang and Niu Kuei-Hsien
Antecedents and Outcomes of University Students’ IT Purchase Intention
Gita Surie
Technology Management and Sustainability: Insights from Renewable Energy in India
Armando Rasoto, Gerson Ishikawa, Vanessa Ishikawa Rasoto, Rosângela De Fatima Stankowitz and Eliane Fernandes Pietrovski and Hilda Alberton De Carvalho
Business Competitiveness: Model of Computerized Financial Planning
Negar Armaghan
Change Management and Knowledge Management, Which relation?
Moses Dzoro and Arnesh Telukdarie
The Development of a Rapid Deployment Tool Set for Green ICT Evaluations in the Banking Sector
Tohru Yoshioka-Kobayashi
Cross-Functional Collaboration versus a Single Functional Team in Industrial Design Development: A Technology Management Perspective
Sheetal Menon, Shishir Kumar Jha and Karuna Jain
Examining Strategies of Firms leveraging Agricultural Biotechnology in Indian Seed Industry – A Qualitative Case Study Approach
Marianne Hörlesberger, Andrea Kasztler and Beatrix Wepner
Foresight in RTD Projects
Gisele Spricigo, Sérgio Marley Modesto Monteiro and Ricardo da Silva Freguglia
The University Industry Linkages and the Firm's Innovative Performance: Evidence for Brazil 
Yu Xiang, Zhang Dong and He Dan 
Reducing Carbon Emissions - Foresight of CCS Technology Developing, IP Management and Global Technology Transfer
Raisibe R Pheme and Harold M Campbell
An Analysis of Used Beverage Can Recycling Supply Chain
Asghar Jabalbarezisarbijan, Somayeh Golhosseini and Mojgan Talebi
The Role of Collaborative R&D in Firms
Diego Gonzales Chevarria and Eugenio Avila Pedroso
Modeling Technological Transition through Multi-Agent Systems
Mauro Luiz Martens, Marly Monteiro De Carvalho and Cristina Dai Prá Martens
Sustainability and Success in Project Management: A Forum with Academic Experts
Harold M Campbell
An Investigation into Skills Development in the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector in South Africa
Juan Jesus Arenas and Miguel Domingo Gonzalez 
University-Firm Technology Transfer, A Literature Review
Abhichata Chaisakdiyod and Jin Hong Senior's Mobile Instant Messenger Use: Motive and Outcomes
Jan Bopape, Harold M. Campbell and Thomas Munyai The impact of Technology in improving productivity and cost serve in Supply Chain: Case study - Woolworths
Stefan Vorbach, Christiana Mueller and Karl Egger
Technology Strategies and Ambidextrous Organizations
Eduardo De-Carli, Marcos Ferasso, Andréa Paula Segatto and Fernanda Salvador Alves
The Dilemma of Industry-University Cooperation Processes within Technology Transfer Offices: Evidence from Three Brazilian Case Studies
Fernanda Salvador Alves, Andréa Paula Segatto and Eduardo De-Carli
Connection Points between Dimensions of Relational Capability: Differences among Profit and Non-Profit Technologies
Eduardo De-Carli, Adriana Roseli Wünch Takahashi, Andréa Paula Segatto and Fernanda Salvador Alves
Alliances and Partnerships Formation in Innovation Agency of Federal University of Parana (UFPR): A Case Study
Fernanda Salvador Alves, Andréa Paula Segatto and Eduardo De-Carli
Theoretical Framework about Relational Capability on Inter-Organizational Cooperation
Paola Morales and Domingo González
Innovation Management in a Food Company. A Case Study
Marta L Tostes, V and C Mariela Silva
The Fourth Helix of the Innovation System: A New Role of the Civil Society Organizations
Ning Yu and Xiang Yu
A Comparative Study on E-Commerce related Technology and its Patentability between China and the U.S.
Nima Mokhtarzadeh, Saiedeh Sadat Ahangari and Maryam Faghei
Proposing a Three Dimensional Model for selecting a Portfolio of R&D Projects
More RZ and Jain K
Strategic Technology Management in an Indian Automobile Cluster
Mduduzi Ngoma and Wikus Erasmus 
Maturity of IT Governance in the South African Public Sector
Franklin Jean Machado, Cristina Dai Pra Martens, Mauro Luiz Martens and Henrique Mello Rodrigues De Freitas
The Effects of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Project Success
John Agwa-Ejon, Junior Mabiza and Charles Mbohwa
The South African Perspective in the Vision of the Global Technology Development of Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Huiying Zhang, Zhendong Li and Xiguang Chen
Which Kind of Innovation Mode is Optimal for Enterprise: Explore how the Market and Organization Resources influence the Choice of Innovation Mode
Peng Qiu, Breno Nunes and Kirit Vaidya
Technological Capability Development in China’s Energy Service Company Industry
Leonardo Rocha Andrarde, Leonardo Querido Cardenas, Fernando Dias Lopes, Fernando Porfirio Soares De Oliveira and Kaio Cesar Fernandes
The Impact of R&D Investments on Performance of Firms in Different Degrees of Proximity to the Technological Frontier
D Hagedorn-Hansen, E Hagedorn-Hansen and GA Oosthuizen
Resource Efficient Process Chain Strategies for Global Competitive Manufacturers 
Bonginkosi Ngqulunga and David Walwyn
Impact of Changing Business Strategy on R&D Portfolio
Andrea Moreira Torres, Carlos Augusto Caldas de Moraes and Maria Fatima Ludovico de Almeida
Innovation Surveys:  A Proposal for Complementary Indicators at the Firm-Level
Cristiane Ramos Justen, Maria Fatima Ludovico De Almeida and Reinaldo Castro Souza
Innovation and Quality Infrastructure in the Brazilian Electricity Sector
Daniel Pedro Puffal, Gisele Spricigo, Janaina Ruffoni and Rafael Teixeira
The Public Funds Influence for Innovation: An Analysis of Brazilian University-Industry Interaction
José Eduardo De Oliveira Trindade, Maria Fatima Ludovico De Almeida, Ricardo Tanscheit and Marley M B R Vellasco
Assessment of Innovative Capacity of Small and Medium Enterprises: A Fuzzy-Logic-Based Approach
Camila Eller and Ricardo M Naveiro
Technological Trends on the Functional Textiles Sector
Guilherme Freitas Camboim, Paulo Antonio Zawislak, Denise Barbieux and Fernanda Maciel Reichert
Can we play the Game? The Case of Four Brazilian Semiconductors Firms
Cristiani Fontanela, Maria Isabel Araujo Silva Dos Santos and Jaqueline Da Silva Albino
Brazilian Community Universities and Regional Policies for Technology and Innovation
Monika Hengstler
Innovation Ecosystems: How do Orchestrating Firms build Trust and Control?
GS Robinson, JHC Pretorius and L Pretorius
A Systematic Approach for the Implementation of an Effective Management Model for Gland Service
M Vermeulen and GA Oosthuizen
Local Supplier Development Framework
Alex Fabianne de Paulo, Evandro Marcos Saidel Ribeiro and Geciane Porto
Mapping Countries Cooperation in Photovoltaic Technology Development based on Patent Analysis
Peng Zhao, Ivana Rasovska, Bertrand Rose and Emmanuel Caillaud
Lean Perspectives and Knowledge Management Application in Service Department of CNC Machine Tool Manufacturer
Bing Sun, Xiaofei Xu and Tian Liang
Study on the Technological Change Path: The Case of New Energy Public Transportation in Shenzhen
P Kholopane
The Impact of Total Quality Management System on Sustainability of Small and Medium Businesses in South Africa
V Sompa and HM Campbell
Optimizing On-site Machining Operations for a South African Power Generation Maintenance Company
Manuela G Reinisch and Ulrich Bauer
Critical Lower-Tier Supplier in a Supply Network 
Bing Sun and Shengnan Tian
Investigating the Innovation Diffusion Based on Network Effect and Innovation Attributes
Bing Sun, Xiao Su and Yijiang Liu
Engineering Optimal Network Effects and Quality for Information Goods
Francelino Josiane de Araujo, Urbina Ligia Maria Soto and Furtado André Tosi
Looking for a Firm Level Model to evaluate Sectorial Public Programs in Late Industrialized Countries: A Theoretical Review
Mohamed El-Nawawy and Ahmed M Gamaleldin
The Five Forces of Competition for the ICT Industry in Egypt